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The Afternoon Constellation

The Afternoon Constellation - A-Train

A-Train Symposium

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International Symposium on the A-Train Satellite Constellation

Sheraton Hotel
New Orleans, La USA
October 25-28, 2010

This symposium followed and expanded on the first A-Train Symposium held in Lille, France in 2007. It provided a forum to exchange information on the latest scientific advancements using multisensor measurements from the A-Train. An article summarizing the meeting appears in the January-February 2011 issue of The Earth Observer newsletter. Workshop talks and other presentations will be available at this website.

Check the NASA EDGE webcasts live from the A-Train Symposium in New Orleans. Find out all of the latest news about NASA's constellation of satellites, The A-Train. Guests include Steve Platnick, Chip Trepte, Graeme Stephens, Shaima Nasiri and other symposium attendees. The show also includes a Q & A session, cloud game, and an homage to 7's funk.