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The Afternoon Constellation

The Afternoon Constellation - A-Train

A-Train Data

image representing a-train data. A-Train fly over of the super-typhoon Choi-wan
web view | hi-resolution

Individual Mission and Instrument Data

Each instrument team that comprises the A-Train has an established infrastructure for data production, archiving, and distribution of Level-1 and higher-order products. Details are available at the mission and/or instrument web sites. In addition, cross-instrument A-Train data distribution systems, including merged (collocated) data and visualization capabilities, have been developed as described below.

A-Train Data Depot

The A-Train Data Depot (ATDD) has been developed to process, archive, allow access to, visualize, analyze and correlate distributed atmospheric measurements from A-Train instruments. The ATDD portal provides easy on-line data access and services for science, applications, and educational use so that users get exactly the data they want, and not large files of data which would take much time and effort by individuals to be co-registered and refined.


The ICARE Thematic Center was created in 2003 by CNES, CNRS, the Nord-Pas-De-Calais Regional Council, and the University of Lille, to provide various services to support the research community in fields related to atmospheric research, such as aerosols, clouds, radiation, water cycle, and their interactions.

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